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Set It Straight Printable Workbook

Set it Straight Series Bible is an Andlo Writing Essentials exclusive with the author in mind. With room for up to a six-book series, Set it Straight is designed to keep your series information at your fingertips so you can be more organized, productive, and factual. 


Keep your world fluid with the Andlo Set it Straight Series Bible.
Created by NYT & USA Today bestselling author, A.L. Jackson.



These workbooks are designed to be printed on 8.5 x 11 paper. (We recommend an 80# paper to prevent any bleed) 

  • Print double sided
  • Setup the printer to "Shrink Oversized Pages" 
  • Black Ink Only


If you are going to bind your planner, a 7/16" coil will be the correct size. 


You are free to print this workbook as many times as you like! Since we stopped producing these ourselves, we wanted to make sure you always have access!

Set It Straight Printable Workbook

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