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Falling into You

A Falling Stars stand-alone romance from A.L. Jackson

Coming September 21st

“I should go,” he said, barely able to glance at me. “I sent Rhys a text to pick me up. He should be here in a bit.”

I nodded frantically. “Okay. Thank you.” The last two words gushed out.

True in their form.

Thank you. Thank you.

He edged my way. Each step sent a tremor rocking through my body. Sage eyes caressed me slow. Lust and greed and shame.

He came to a stop just to the side of where I stood, and he angled in low, rough words grazing my ear, “Don’t thank me, Violet. We both know I’m to blame.”

There was no questioning what he was referring to had nothing to do with what had happened today.

He ripped himself away and headed out the door.

I squeezed my eyes closed almost as hard as I squeezed my fists. Praying for sanity. I could almost hear my daddy calling, Make good choices.

But I wasn’t feeling quite so rational right then.

I guessed that sometimes things just needed to be said. They could no longer be held or quieted or contained.

Pulse a thunder, I rushed out into the hall where Richard was getting ready to take the stairs. “I didn’t think I was going to make it. When you left me, when you walked away, I didn’t think I would make it.”

He froze, his hand on the railing, his head tipping toward the ground.

Impaled by my confession. Bound by the pain that bled through the admission. While I remained in the darkness of the hall. Wishing I could hide.

From what he’d done.

From the way he still made me feel.

From the fact he was there, destroying me all over again.

Richard warred. His lithe body rippled, sinewy muscle flexing and bowing and twitching.

With restraint or repulsion, I couldn’t tell which.

But I realized I had none of it.


“How could you just wake up one day and not love me anymore?” The words quivered and shook with hushed misery. “Because I’m still waitin’ on the day when I wake up and I’m no longer in love with you.”

I had no time to prepare myself.

No time to put back up the walls I’d let down.

Richard was there, a phantom that moved through the shadows.

A plunderer.

A thief.

My love. My life. My greatest downfall.

He pressed me to the wall and planted his hands above my head, that tall, strong body a fortress where it hovered over mine.

Flames leapt, the air charged.

A thousand volts of electricity.

He breathed out a harsh sound, the force of it covering me in his raw, potent energy.

Trapping me in that haze of seduction that had always hypnotized me. From the first second we’d met.

Crackles of need. Sparks of lust.

His nose ran along the curve of my jaw.




Tingles raced, and my belly flipped.

This was wrong. So wrong. I needed to shove him off. Cling to the reality of what he’d done.

Feelings were fleeting.

But the impact of heinous acts were not.

Thing was, I couldn’t react. I couldn’t move a muscle when his words were coming at me like a drug, “How could one lie negate a thousand truths?”

Richard took my left hand, and he let his thumb gently trace over the musical note on the inside of my wrist that I’d forever written there.

An imprint of him.

A sharp breath left me.

He inhaled it.

Sucked me down like I was the granter of life.

Our noses brushed and our chests heaved.

And I swore, in the middle of us, I saw our spirits tangle. Saw them start to dance and spiral and spin.

“Liar.” The whisper curled into the air. It was an accusation. A plea.

“I am,” he grunted. “But loving you was never one of them.”

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A.L. Jackson is the New York Times & USA Today Bestselling author of contemporary romance. She writes emotional, sexy, heart-filled stories about boys who usually like to be a little bit bad.

Her bestselling series include THE REGRET SERIES, CLOSER TO YOU, BLEEDING STARS, FIGHT FOR ME, CONFESSIONS OF THE HEART, and FALLING STARS novels. Watch out for her upcoming stand-alone, FALLING INTO YOU, releasing September 21st.

If she’s not writing, you can find her hanging out by the pool with her family, sipping cocktails with her friends, or of course with her nose buried in a book.

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