Seeing Red

A Where Lightning Strikes Bonus Scene

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The dickbag was drooling all over my girl.

My blood burned hot and I was having a hell of a time not setting my guitar aside and jumping from the stage to toss his ass to the curb.

Call me jealous.

If the shoe fit, and all of that. And if we were assigning truths right then? That shoe was about five seconds from getting shoved up the prick’s ass.

I couldn’t help it. Not when I was up on stage finishing the last song of my band’s set and that piece of shit was out there with my wife. Right where he’d been for the last hour, getting closer and handsier and a little too friendly for my taste.

Didn’t give a shit that they were old friends from back in high school in Arizona, and he’d looked her up when he was coming into town for a business meeting, telling her he’d really like to catch up, which we all knew was code for I’d really like to fuck.

He was dressed in a suit in a dingy, dark bar, hair styled like he’d spent three hours in front of the mirror thinkin’ he was gonna get somewhere looking like a twat.

Tonight, my band Sunder was playing a special show at Charlie’s, which was basically the coolest dive in all of Savannah. Set in an old cotton warehouse along the river walk, the place had been around for more than a day but still managed to be the it place both tourists and locals flocked to alike.

We didn’t play small venues much anymore.

But this?

This was a special occasion.

Charlie’s was closed tonight for a private party. Charlie himself was turning seventy. You wouldn’t meet a cooler guy.

Thing was, I’d met my wife years ago in this very bar when she’d been a bartender here.

As far as I was concerned, this place was sacred.


Our names carved in these walls that howled with who we were and how far we’d come.

And this asshole somehow thought he was going to come in here and take a piece of what was mine?

No fucking way.

Our lead singer, Austin, belted out the last line of the song, and that was it, I was setting my guitar on its stand and jumping off the riser.

Slicing through the crowd.

One destination in mind.

Place was packed but most faces were familiar.

Invitation only.

It was a safe place tonight. No threat of getting sidelined by a fangirl losing her shit. Still, the crowd was parting like they felt me coming and knew to get the fuck out of my way.

A man on fire.

I lifted my chin to a couple people who clapped me on the back, barely acknowledging the praises of it being a killer show. I wound through the high-top tables that took up the floor on the other side of the stage to where my girl was waiting.

Wasn’t like I didn’t trust Tamar. She was the definition of loyalty. The epitome of commitment. The girl all of me and my everything.

It was a two-way unending street. 

What I didn’t trust was some slimy prick trying to reach out and take something that wasn’t his. I finally breached the mob and made it over to the VIP booths where Charlie and the rest of his family was set up.

Tamar was standing at one of the round high-top tables next to it talking to her old friend who stood on the other side, so she had her back to me when I cut through.

Nearly tripped me up right there, girl knockin’ the breath from my lungs.

She wore this black-sequined clingy dress that ended mid-thigh. Sexy as fuck heels on her feet making my petite girl look a mile high. Black hair cascading down her back. Seduction oozing from her pores.

Girl was a vixen.

A goddess.

Always looking like a modern-day pinup.

My favorite kind of fantasy.

I edged up behind her and wound my arms around her waist, pulling her flush.

Warmth screamed. Veins full of this girl.

“Hey, baby,” I murmured at her ear. I tucked her close. Hands splayed across her belly in a kind of possession. “I missed you.”

She sighed that breathy sound that still drove me wild all these years later, and she leaned against me and barely shifted her head to look up at where I towered over her. “You missed me? I was standing right here watching you for the last hour,” she whispered, those blue eyes making my heart do crazy things. “Just like you were watching me. You couldn’t have missed me that much.”

She smirked, knowing exactly what she’d been doing to me while I’d been up on that stage.

“And not getting to touch you was fuckin’ brutal. Even one foot away and one second apart is too far away from you.”

I yanked her against my dick that was already hard. One touch, and I was hers. Over and over again. Forever. Didn’t matter how long we’d been together.

Dickbag cleared his throat, breaking us out of our bubble.

Tamar dropped her head to look at him. “Lyrik, I’d like you to meet an old friend…William. William, this is my husband, Lyrik.”

She gestured between us.

I didn’t let her go when I reached around her to shake his hand from over the top of the table. I squeezed. Hard enough to be sure he winced. “Great to meet you, William.” I forced a smile and tried not to spit the words.


So I was being a dick.

But this guy had had a thing for my girl back in the day. Tamar had told me he’d asked her out a thousand times and she’d always quietly refused. Probably too sweetly because the guy couldn’t take a hint then, and I was betting he couldn’t take a hint now.

Fact he’d just gotten divorced three months ago and then all of a sudden messaged her to meet up? That told me everything I needed to know.

“You, too.” He took a drink of whatever pussy cocktail he was sipping at. “So…how long have you two known each other?”

He couldn’t keep the disgust out of his voice.

“Long enough,” I told him with a big smile. All teeth.

He nodded, eyes raking down her chest, grin sliding to his mouth when he looked back at her. “God…feel like I’ve known Tammy my whole life.”


What the ever-lovin’ fuck?

Annoyance bolted down my spine. No-fucking-one called her Tammy.

Could feel Tamar biting back her laughter.

She thought this shit was funny.

So my angel loved to play the devil.

I squeezed her, letting her know she was going to pay for it later.

“Remember all the time we spent in the dark room together in photography class? Best memories of my life.” He smiled at her, then slanted me some kind of look that I thought was supposed to come off as smug.

Was he serious?

Tamar let loose of a small giggle and glanced up at me, blue eyes full of mischief.


This girl wanted to play.

Seemed Red had come out to have a little fun.

Little tease.

“Oh, I remember,” she told him. “We had to spend the entire weekend in there to make the deadline for the yearbook.”

“You were the most talented photographer there,” he told her. “Do you still take photos? I bet you have your work in galleries all over the world, don’t you?”

“Oh, no.  It was just for fun.”

“That’s ridiculous. You shouldn’t let anyone hold you back.”

He looked up at me with that.

I spread my hands farther out over her belly, letting them ride down until my hands were hitting the bare skin of her legs. Figured it was dark enough in there that there wasn’t a soul who was going to notice that I was riding my hands higher, letting them slip under the scrap of sexy-ass material that was this dress.

Lust punched me in the gut when I realized she was missing another piece.

She wasn’t wearing panties.

A growl ripped up my throat without my permission.

Cock raging at my jeans and my heart a thunder that was pounding in the middle of my chest.

She giggled, then moaned, knees buckling a bit when I let my fingers slip through her lips. I tugged her close, holding her up, and I nipped at her ear, tone a low, needy warning when I said, “You are playin’ with fire, Red.”

I drew out the last.

Red was my siren. Girl full of sass and steam and bleeding red-hot sex. She was the one who’d tortured me when we’d first met, tossing off every advance I made even though the tension that had bound the air every time we got in the same space was nothing but gasoline.

Every glance of her eyes a match.

Didn’t take a whole lot of time before we’d gone boom. Only thing was I hadn’t expected when we’d gone off that we’d come back together. Our spirits binding and becoming something magnificent. The girl the beauty in my storm.

She leaned against me farther, rubbing the small of her back against my cock considering even in five-inch heels the girl was still a foot shorter than me.

Woman was winding me up. Making me mad with this need for her that wasn’t ever gonna die.

Still, she was pleasantly smiling at twatface like she wasn’t wrecking me.

“Oh, no one holds me back. Lyrik loves to shoot me into the stratosphere.”

It was all suggestion.

All of it meant for me.

I groaned.

This girl was meting the best kind of torture. “Well, I think I need to use the restroom. If you’ll excuse me.”

She wrangled herself out of my hold, looking back at me from over her shoulder as she disappeared into the mob, that smirk taking hold of her mouth as she pushed through.

Could feel eyes stabbing me from across the table, but I was too busy eye-fucking my wife to give a shit. When our connection cut off, I finally looked at him.

His glare narrowed, guy taking me in like he had the right to judge me. “She deserves better than being a glorified groupie. She had so much potential. She deserves to be with someone like me. Someone who won’t trade her in when she ages a day or two for a newer model.”

Okay, so originally, I was mildly annoyed by the asshole. No big deal. Tamar dealt with the same shit all the time, girls trying to get to me simply because of who I was. Wanting to touch on the stars.

She knew I never looked, was never tempted, never strayed. But that didn’t mean she didn’t want to beat down bitches once in a while for getting up on her territory.

But this?

This was straight-up disrespect.

Motherfucking blasphemy.

 “That so?” I asked him, setting my arms on the table so he could get a good look at my hands that were about to choke him out. Motherfucker would do good to run.

“That’s so.”

I laughed a menacing sound, angling closer so he would be sure to hear me right. “You know what? You’re right. Tamar is wicked talented. Beautiful and kind and determined. Everything.”

He almost looked triumphant.

“But where you’re dead wrong?” There was no mistaking the undercurrent of the threat. “That’s you thinking that I would ever hold her back. Stunt her light or hinder her potential. She is my life. My everything. And yeah, I would fucking buy her the moon and the sky and every fucking star in it. But it’s not necessary considering her photographs are in galleries all over the world.”

He blanched at that.

That’s right, asshole. She’d achieved more than he could ever know. She was just too humble to let him know about it.

Fury burning in my blood, I edged around the table.

I stretched out my arm, the one that used to be inked in a morbid scene but had been redone in blues and reds, the name that meant life swirled down the whole length of my forearm.


“And Tamar, my wife, deserves to be loved in the way that only I can love her, just like she loves me in the way that only she can love me. Because we go together. We’re meant for each other. We’re made for each other.”

He stepped back, nerves rattling through him like he was just picking up on the reality that I wasn’t fucking around. That I would rip him in two and I wouldn’t think twice about it.

“You get where I’m coming from?”

He gulped, pussy barely able to nod.


Then I turned on my heel and started to walk away, only to pause to look back at him. “Oh, and if you ever compare my wife to a groupie again, I will cut out your tongue. You got me?”

Didn’t think I needed a response. Not when I was sure he’d just pissed his pants.

I shouldered through the crowd, making my way around the bar that sat like an island in the middle of Charlie’s, revelers packed around it, lifting their glasses, cheers ringing in the air while music pumped from the speakers.

My gaze roved. Climbing through the faces until I landed on the one that I wanted. Tamar had gotten sidetracked.

No surprise.

Chatting it up with another girl who used to bartend with her. I didn’t even hesitate, just snatched her by the hand and tossed out a, “Need to borrow my wife for a minute.”

I hauled her down the opposite side of the bar toward the hall at the back. The woman fucking laughed.

Devious and sweet.

I growled, spun her around, and pressed her to the wall.

Heat fired in the space.


Those red-painted lips stretched in a grin.

Sass and sex and steam and everything I’d ever wanted.

“Did you get rid of him?”

“Yeah.” Was almost apologetic.


She didn’t even look annoyed. “Thank God. I can only shoot a guy down so many times before it gets pathetic.”

My growl turned possessive. “Guy actually had the nerve to come on to you?”

She nodded. “I thought he was just lonely and needed a friend to talk to. It became clear quickly that he had other intentions. Turns out he is kinda a jerk.”

I crushed my lips to hers and devoured that mouth before I did something stupid like actually hunting the guy down. I yanked her from the wall and edged her two feet down the hall until I was slipping us into the men’s restroom.

I gave a cursory glance to make sure it was clear before I turned and locked the door.

Tamar gasped and jerked back. “Um…excuse me. This is the men’s restroom.”

“There’s a private party goin’ down. Don’t think anyone is going to call the cops.”

And that meant there hadn’t been any drunk assholes pissing all over the place. Besides, Charlie’d had the bathrooms remodeled a few years back, and there was a sitting room in the front.

We were good.

“And like you didn’t think I’d get you behind a locked door with that underwear stunt.”

“What underwear?” It was nothing but a tease.


Need rumbled in my chest, and I moved forward another step. She took another back. Cat and mouse. Just like we’d always been.

Her teeth clamped down on her bottom lip. “Were you jealous, Lyrik West?”

“Yes.” Didn’t even deny it. “Asshole wanted what’s mine.”

She grinned that smirk that twisted through me like the sweetest knife. All the way to the core. Scarring and marking and etching herself forever on me. “And do you really think I’d let him have me? I belong to you the same way you belong to me.”

I grabbed her by the hip. “So you get the affliction.”

She took the last step back until she was pinned against the wall. I planted my hands way up high, boxing her in, letting her sweet scent invade as I leaned down and ran my nose up her cheek to her ear. “What am I going to do to you, Red, teasing me like that? Whole show, I wanted to jump off that stage and drag him out back.”

She hummed, letting her black fingernails traipse up my chest until she was running them across my lip. “I think maybe you should remind me exactly how much you need me.”

I grabbed her hand and pressed it to my cock. “Clear enough?”

Her head shook, that tat on her chest that read Guard Your Heart in Latin exposed in the plunging neckline of her dress, her heart a thunder in the space between us.

“I think I need more proof.”

A rough chuckle escaped me.

My little vixen did want to play.

I grabbed her by the waist and whirled her around, planting her hands on the wood counter that had a bunch of crap sitting in metal baskets. Condoms and hand sanitizer and motherfucking scented-hand lotion.

If I didn’t know better, I’d worry Charlie was losing his edge.

All three walls in the small alcove were floor to ceiling mirrors. Tamar’s face lit in desire, girl looking at me through her reflection.

I slipped my hand up the back of her leg, taking that tiny piece of material with me as I went so I could bunch it up around her waist.

Girl bare just like I knew she’d be.

That lush, round ass on display.

A peek of her slit as I bent her over.


I groaned, kneaded two handfuls of her curves. “I love your ass, baby. You’re so damn sexy. Hottest thing I’ve ever seen.”

She pushed back into my touch, begging for more.


I traced my finger down the part of her spine that was exposed, my name running in a vertical line down the small of her back. Girl nearly had as much ink as me.

This one was my favorite.

I leaned down and licked it, blazing a path to her ass, spreading her so I could run my tongue down that sweet cleft.

She gasped.


Whimpered my name.

The doorknob rattled and then someone pounded on the wood.

“Occupied,” I shouted.

“Lyrik. Please. Hurry. I need you. The whole time you were up on that stage, I could only imagine you coming to me. Taking me.”

A low roll of laughter left my throat, and I kissed across her bottom, rumbling the words, “Maybe that’s what you deserve…this sweet cunt aching for me for the rest of the party.”

I drove two fingers inside her to prove a point.

Hot flesh squeezed my fingers as she pushed back. “I think that would only be punishment for us both.”

Her voice was a rasp, needy and hungry, and I looked up just in time to see the greed roil in those blue eyes.

Girl needed me every bit as badly as I needed her.

I licked through her lips, holding her open with my thumbs so I could lap her up, tongue flicking across her clit. 

She jolted.

I kissed and suckled, letting my thumbs start to roam, both pressing into her pussy that was full and wet, one gliding up to press at her tight puckered hole.

She whimpered, tightened, before she moaned when I pushed my thumb inside.

She already started to quake.

I was on my feet in a flash. I leaned over her, my chest pressed to her back and my tongue licking the lobe of her ear. “Don’t you dare come yet, Red.”

“Then fuck me,” she said into the mirror.

I grinned, worked the buttons of my jeans before I shoved them down my thighs.

We both looked to the mirror to the right.

In sync.

On time.

The girl always one with me.

My cock was hard, bobbing in the space between us. Tamar’s tongue darted out to wet her lips.

“Where do you want me to put this?” It was a warning. A tease. But any time we played, there would always be the truth to the question. My girl was strong. So fuckin’ brave. But she’d gone through so much in her life that I would always be careful.

“Wherever you want it. I already told you I’m yours.”

Those eyes softened, and fuck, this love I had for her was too much. Overwhelming. I leaned up, nuzzled my face in her hair, and kissed down the angle of her jaw.

“Blue.” This girl? Blue? She was soft and vulnerable and trusting, and I would serve her for the rest of my life.

Protect her.

Adore her.

And gladly run off any little pricks who’d dare think they could come between us.

Grabbing my dick, I ran it up and down her crease before I pressed into her pussy.

She watched. Watched me disappearing into her body. Filling her whole.

The girl whimpered, and I grabbed both her hands and set them against the mirror with mine clamped over them.

I began to fuck her like she’d been begging me to do.




Her pants rose in the air, and her whimpers got louder and louder. Could feel her winding up, getting ready to blow, this girl a bomb that was about to go off in my hands.

I pressed her chest to the counter so I could angle her just right, and I drove deep, deep, deep. I reached around her, found her clit, ran my fingers in circles around that sweet spot.

She went off.

Screaming my name.

She tried to bury it, but it got free.

A pounding started up at the door, but I was too busy pounding into my wife, taking her by the hips and driving myself straight into euphoria.

“Fuck…fuck…yes.” There was no bliss like coming in Tamar, pouring into her while my body and mind and spirit met with hers.




Gasping, I slumped over her for a beat before I edged back. I grinned at her through the mirror. I brushed back the hair matted to her face, kissed her temple.

“You sing my soul.”

There was no playfulness in that. Just the truth of what she meant to me.

This girl the song and melody of my entire life.

Easing out of her, I reached over and grabbed some tissues from that metal basket that turned out to be handy after all.

More banging at the door.

“Give us one second.”

Tamar cringed then smiled, girl running her fingers over the tat on my throat. “I guess maybe I should make you jealous more often.”

I laughed, shaking my head as I resituated my jeans. “Mmm…Red sure has been wanting to play a lot lately.”

She smiled a coy smile though her tone was brimming with adoration. “Well, you know how I get when I’m pregnant.”

I froze. “What did you just say?”

She bit down on her lip and nodded.

Joy overflowed.

Pouring out.

Raging and spinning and blowing my mind.

And I was kissing her mad.

Slow and desperate and everything.

“I can’t believe it. Can’t believe it.”

Another baby with this girl.

I couldn’t fucking wait.

More banging at the door.

She cringed. “We’d better get back out there.”

She readjusted her dress and her hair, and fuck, I wanted her all over again.

I slung my arm around her shoulders and kissed her temple as I turned the lock.

Twatface stood at the door. I just smirked and tossed open the door. “All yours, Bill.”

Then I walked out with my girl and didn’t look back.

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