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A best friend's brother romance

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Something About a Hot Guy

Kyle Love is the bane of my existence. 
Arrogant jerk.
Ridiculously gorgeous. 
Completely out of my league. 
Did I mention he's my best friend's big brother? 
Oh yeah, and I've been in love with him my entire life. 

Kenna Myer drives me insane. 
Adorably shy. 
Painfully awkward. 
Ridiculously beautiful. 
And my sister has made it clear on multiple occasions that she's completely off-limits. 

When I show at the apartment she shares with my sister for a surprise visit to find my sister away for the weekend, I know a should walk. I don't. 

It turns out my sweet Kenna has herself a secret...a blog called Something About a Hot Guy. I'm ninety-nine percent sure its top subject is me. One thing I’m certain of? Things are about to get interesting...

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